Anthony V. Riccio
Author, Photographer, and Oral Historian

NOW RELEASED!  From Italy to Boston's North End - The Photographs of Anthony V. Riccio 1972-1982   SUNY Press


Anthony's New Book:
From Italy To The North End: Photographs, 1972-1982

Anthony Riccio’s photographs retrace the arc of immigration from ancestral villages in Italy to Boston’s North End, documenting a lost world of an Italian American culture. His images will forever remind Italian Americans of the places their families left behind and the new home they created in America. — Umberto Mucci, author of We the Italians: Two Flags, One Heart. One Hundred Interviews

Riccio’s photos magnificently capture daily life of Italians in the South of Italy and in Boston in the 1970s and ’80s. Everyday people and their environment are brought back to life through an intense and moving visual testimony, seasoned with love. — Margherita Ganeri, Università della Calabria


From pizza to television, Italians in New Haven
Kent Pierce, WTNH Reporter

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  • June 2:  Saturday @ 4:00 pm
    I AM Books
    189 North Street
    North End, Boston


May - January 2018

Exhibition at:
Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

This May, the #IAMLA will present the much anticipated Italianità: Italian Diaspora Artists Explore Identity.

The temporary exhibition will feature work by revered artists including Joseph Stella, Italo Scanga, Ralph Fasanella, Rico LeBrun, and Leo Politi, and examine themes such as community, identity, memory, faith, and tradition. This historic exhibition will mark the first time that work from this group of artists is exhibited together in a single exhibition.

Support the exhibition by visiting:
Italian American Museum of Los Angeles

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